Welcome to MillionGenie

We connect people who need help with those who can be of help

What we do

MillionGenie is an Emergency, Safety, Security and Recovery platform.

We, at MillionGenie, believe that technology can be used to tap into that inherent humaneness in each one of us and serve the cause of humanity.

Distress alarm to Genies around you to faster resolution of problems

Genies are either Individual or Service Providers depending on the type of Emergency

Our Features

Some of the capabilities of our platform

Emergency Alerts

One click platform to reach all the genies and donors nearby

Live Feed

Tracking of emergencies near you

Point of Care

Blood Donor camps, checkups and health events nearby

Data Privacy and Security

Privacy of donors, blood types and donations of all blood banks

What our customers say

" Blood donation is still in nascent stage in India. Better have this app handy coz u never know when u or someone else may need the life saving fluid. U can also search ur friends and kids and keep an eye on them. U need not worry for those sleeping during travel and not picking up the phone. Keep up the good work.."

- Nikhil Singh @ Patna

"It's good app. Great work done by members of this group. I got good response. So many thanks to the team. Keep it up guys. :)"

- Yashwanth Indrala @ Hyderabad

"Very fruitful app for urgently needed blood near to patient's location. I have used this app for arranging blood for my father's bypass surgery!"

- Nitish Srivastava @ Bangalore

"MillionGenie came to my rescue when I needed them the most. Yes, my blood group being A-VE, was very rare to find and my doctor had asked me to get donors with this blood group to donate blood for me. He did not accept bottled blood because I had 10days to go for my surgery and blood had to be preserved until then. I tried contacting all the blood banks, trusts, yuvak sanghs etc in my area, who were conducting blood camps during that week, so that they could inform donors with A-VE blood group to donate blood, to be reserved on my name. Efforts in vain.. could not get donors of my blood group. Then, my father in law came across one gentleman who suggested us to try this app. We immediately downloaded MillionGenie and placed an emergency request for A-VE blood group. That was it. I did not have to follow up for anything else. One gentleman called Vishwajeet was in continuous search for my blood group across various locations. He followed up with me day and night. Out of the 4 units of blood that I required, their team arranged for 2 units in a day's time. They managed the donors for me, co ordinated with their travel, process at the blood bank etc etc. Thanking you for your efforts would be an understatement and​ too small of a gesture to mention. Request you to kindly let me and my entire family know in any case in future if we could be of any support to u:) God bless."

- Arpita Makwana @ Mumbai