“Me? I can’t donate blood. Am going to get married and donating would affect my married life!”

“Oh! I can’t donate blood, it would make me weak.”

“Donating blood would leave me having HIV!”

“I am thin hence can’t donate blood. Only a fat person should donate as they have more blood!”

“I should not donate blood if am from a different religion/caste.”

“Vegetarian people should not donate blood as they have less iron.”

And it goes on...... We have heard all of it from many around us.

In 21st century we are still at a mindset consisting of these myths. Yes! These are false notions created around ignorance. Blood donation if done hygienically and with correct eligibility then no illness or false beliefs stand a chance in your life.

So where lies the problem? Why such misconception? How can this situation be changed?

Awareness. Knowledge. And of course an open mindset with a helping attitude. The root cause of all misconceptions and taboo is the lack of proper and correct knowledge. Thankfully with the advent of internet to most of the places, people are being sensitized about facts and not myths. But still there are so many places in the country where this facility and awareness are yet to peak into the lives of the people there.

It’s only us who can save us!

Be the Genie to someone’s life and bring about a positive change.