By now most of us must be aware of the rarest blood group – Bombay Blood Group. But do we really know how rare it is? How important it is to donate, circulate and re-circulate this blood type for people having this rare group at the times of need or even for our own times of need?

Since blood cannot be manufactured, it needs to be donated, stored and utilized for anyone who needs it. Blood group needs to be matched and only the matched blood type can be transferred to one another. Transfused blood type which is not matching can be life threatening. The most common types of blood are A, B, AB and O.

Bombay Blood Group - the first case was founded in Bombay in 1952, hence the name. 1 out of 10,000 people in India has this blood group. Isn’t it shocking and alarming?

Dr. Y. M. Bhende, C. K. Deshpande and H. M. Bhatia of Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, Mumbai (then Bombay) published a note in The Lancet. It said that 2 patients needed blood transfusion in 1952. But unfortunately the known blood types did not work for them. The Doctors tried over 160 donors and finally at last they found a sample matching the blood type – then named as ‘Bombay Blood Type’. Although it’s technical name is ‘hh’ blood type

So don’t you think that this rarest of rare blood group should be stored, donated and circulated as much as possible? This kind of initiative will not only help other people looking for this blood group at time of emergencies but also for oneself. One can donate and store for his/her own needs (if at all needed for some kind of emergencies).

So all Genies out there having this exceptional rare blood group, take a pledge and start donating , today! Humanity is the biggest purpose of human beings.