Humanity crosses the border to save a life with the rarest blood group – Bombay Blood Group

In 2016, as posted in Times of India, four Mumbaikars were able to save the life of an accident victim across the border, Bangladesh. The condition was critical and the need of the hour was the rarest blood group in the world – Bombay Blood Group. The accident victim, Mohammed Kamruzzaman needed an urgent surgery for multiple fractures. There was least possibility of his survival.

Upon investigation, it was clear that the leading blood banks in Bangladesh did not have this blood type. Even with such a big network of blood donors approx 500 donors are there in India for Bombay Blood Group. With extensive effort, SK Tuhinur Alam, Kamruzzaman’s colleague collected the blood from Mumbai. The four angels were – Swapna Sawant, Krishnanand Kori, Mehul Bhelekar and Pravin Shende.

But getting the blood from the donors did not complete the job. The extreme formalities and approvals for the transportation of the blood from one country to another was a giant task to be accomplished. Upon getting the approvals starting from State Blood Transfusion Council to Airport Security, the units of the blood were carefully packed and transported in special plastic container with ice gel packs.

Distance is irrelevant when the call is for Humanity – Bombay Blood Group donor Aditya Hegde

In 2017, Aditya Hegde rushed to Chennai hospital to save the life of a pregnant woman. He has donated his rare blood group over 55 times now and he keeps donating to save hundreds of lives. Based out of Bengaluru, Aditya has donated blood for people in need not only in various parts of our country but also across the border like Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka.

The blood units are packed and transported as soon as possible in special plastic containers with ice gel packs. Since blood has a shelf life of 35 days, it easily gives hope and time to reach the desired destination of emergency.

Humanity has no language, no colour, no barrier. Donate blood. Save life. Humanity above all.